Born and raised in a typically small Swedish village, it took me a few years to adjust to life in the big city. This was however a much needed transfer, as my claustrophobia tendencies keep me from staying in small spaces for too long.

The transfer happened in two steps with a first pit stop in a middle sized Swedish city, where I undertook studies in language and multimedia. After a few years of sweat, some drips of blood, and a fair amount of life lessons, this education led to broad knowledge within Adobe’s Creative Suite, html programming, moving pictures, cultural diversity, project management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business English.

After finalizing my studies, the dream of a career took me to Gothenburg, where I decided that the digital world was the place to be. And so my legs walked me to this web agency located in the most productive cappuccino corners of the city, which became my home for the next four years. Here, I sharpened my project management skills, picked up all about social media and search engine optimization, brought some new buzz words into my vocabulary, and learned that a creative person can’t be expected to perform before lunch time.

Soon enough it was time for me to move on, and with the wind blowing in my hair I took a boat over the pond. There, far away from the city streets, I found this big old yellow factory building, with peeling off paint, and flimsy old windows. ”It can’t hurt to have a look”, I thought to myself, while I walked up the stairs and opened the door to the next chapter of my life in advertising.

In the three decades that are my life, I have also been lost in Chicago, homeless in Greece and robbed in Australia, and if you want more details to fill in the gaps, you find a complete list of my experiences in my CV Enjoy!